Powerful website integration options

ALRO makes it quick and easy to create a great looking and engaging experience for your visitors. Use a website template and you can be up and going in no time. Alternatively, have your web designer integrate ARLO with your website's Content Management System (CMS) or skin up an ARLO website theme.

Website template

Choose a website template to suit your requirements. Once set up, you can chanve the website colors, upload images, and edit content on each page using a WYSIWYG editor.

Website CMS integration

CMS integration incorporates the use of the ARLO API. All website pages and content are hosted by your own website Content Management System (CMS), e.g. Wordpress, Joomla. The CMS programmatically pulls event data directly from ARLO's database, leaving you the flexibility to develop your own custom pages and designs.

Website theme

Customize the look and feel of the ARLO hosted pages to match your existing website. When someone visits your main website and clicks on a menu link to your events or training section, they will be unaware that the page they are taken to is hosted by ARLO. They will assume it is all part of the same website. Your event section can include and event calendar, course catalog, search, presenter profiles, and more.

CMS integration

Integrate ARLO with your website's Content Management System. Try the ARLO for WordPress plugin to make building a website easy!

Create your own

Access the core Web Control's engine to create your own custom controls.

Rich experience

Create a dynamic and rich experience for your visitors. Include event pages with special content such as videos or add an event calendar, a course catalog, event search, presenter profiles, and much more.

Website add-ons / widgets

Your web designer will love the ARLO add-ons, which can be easily included on your website with minimal effort. Add a list of upcoming events, top events, an event search, and much more. Your JavaScript based add-ons offer extensive styling and layout flexibility by incorporating JQuery and Knockout technologies.

Event search

Include an event search that displays results with a 'Google like' ranking where the best match is listed first.

Google Analytics ecommerce

Integrate Google ecommerce tracking to find out what users are buying through your site; including information such as the transaction value, time to purchase, and campaign which generated the sales.

Social media

Allow people to "Like" and "Share" your events, presenters, and organization then track the activity.

Multi region, currencies, tax rates

Manage training and event programs that span across multiple countries. Support regionalized content with different currencies, taxes, and time zones.

Custom URL

ARLO allows you to change your default website URL (e.g. mycompany.arlo.co) to a custom URL such as http://events.mycompany.com or http://training.mycompany.com.

Offers flexible website integration options which allow you to promote and sell your courses and events through your website.Integration options include: website template, WordPress plugin, and web controls (Javascript based) to integrate Arlo into other leading website content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, Dot Net Nuke (DNN). Website pages include: upcoming events list, calendar, catalogue, individual event pages, presenter profile pages, venue pages, and more. Arlo's website API allows web developers to build custom integrations.
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