All your client information in one place

Store client information in one place. See event attendance history, view communications sent, monitor the value of orders placed, track leads, manage key contacts, record notes, and assign tasks. It's your fully featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.


Record notes on contacts and organizations and create associated tasks. Assign tasks to other people in your organization to complete and manage and track your own tasks.


Use tags to describe and categorize contacts, organizations, and events. For example, tag important contacts with the term "Key contact" or "Decision maker" and people who manage billing for an organization as "Billing contact".


Add flags to contacts and organizations so that a special note is displayed when you open the record or add them to an order.

Record learning outcomes

Record and track attendance, course completion, grades, and results. Produce reports for the individuals and for their manager, department, or organization.

Capture interest for an event or service you offer

ARLO's lead management feature allows people to register their interest in an event. When there are enough people interested, schedule the event and ask people to register. You can also capture interest for private courses.

Run campaigns to promote events

Run targeted campaigns to promote a specific event or another service. Build prospect lists based on contact information and previous event attendance. Then create and send your email and track the results.

Connect with your existing CRM

Integrate ARLO with your existing contact database or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Custom fields

Add additional fields to contacts, organizations, and other entities. Include these fields on your website registration form to capture the information when a person registers for a course or event.

Account management tools

ARLO offers a range of tools to help you manage your clients. You can assign organizations to a sales person and record a sales person on a lead or order. Sales staff can run reports that display activity within their accounts such as event registrations, orders, leads, tasks, and notes.

Automatically builds your database

ARLO automatically builds and maintains client information for you. When a person registers for an event on your website, ARLO matches the contact with an existing record in the database and updates the details. If the contact doesn't already exist, a new record will be added. ARLO can also automatically link contacts based on their email address.

Manage sales opportunities

Manage and track each of your sales opportunities. Give them a rating, record the value and estimated close date, store quotes and proposals, and record notes and tasks.

Manage newsletter subscriptions

ARLO allows you to manage your newsletter subscribers, including capturing interest topics and preferred delivery methods.


Store documents against contacts and organizations. Your team will then be able to access and download them online anywhere and anytime.

Prevents and resolves duplicates

As a person enters their organization's name during the website registration progress, ARLO displays a list of possible matches to choose from to prevent a duplicate from being created. If a duplicate is created, no problem: ARLO allows you to easily merge the records and will copy all associated items from both records.

Communication log

View a log of all communications sent via the system and forward or re-send if necessary.

Powerful search

ARLO's powerful search tool allows you to find what you are looking for fast. It intuitively ranks your results and includes helpful links to associated items such as current event registrations.

Contact and organization database. Record notes and tasks, and store documents. Generate and send email campaigns (Campaign Monitor)
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