Dashboard with real-time activity

View information in real-time. At a glance, see what events are coming up, monitor registrations, view events people have registered interest in, track the value of orders per month, and manage your daily tasks.

Manage your event

Manage all event information and resources in one place, online, and accessible from anywhere on the web. Track tasks, record notes, send emails, print name labels, and produce certificates.
Manage all event information and resources in one place, online and accessible wherever you are. Track tasks, record notes, send emails, print name labels, manage waiting lists, and more.

Organize your events

Organize your events using tags and categories. Quickly find events within a list using the intuitive search, auto suggest, and filter tools. Easily export data into a spreadsheet.

Easily schedule new events

Event templates and presets automatically pre-populate information making scheduling events that re-run on multiple dates and locations easy. You can also import your events from a spreadsheet to schedule multiple events in one action.

Check availability

View a presenter's or a group of presenters' availability and vind a suitable venue which is also available.

Automated communication with outlook integration

ARLO manages all event communication for you. It sends event instructions, reminders, and change notifications. You can customize each email and add attachments such as pre-reading. All communication includes calendar appointments so people can add and update their Outlook or Gmail calendar automatically.

Waiting lists

Allow people to join a waiting list when the event is full. ARLO will automatically notify the first person on the list if a place becomes available.

Limits with alerts

Set minimum and maximum registration limits on an event, session, or option. When the limit has been reached you will receive an email alert.

Feedback surveys

Automatically send feedback surveys after an event to gauge its success.

Create different types of events

Manage events run at a physical venue, live online (webinar style), or offer the option to complete the activity self-paced online. You can also manage special events such as conference style events with multiple registration options and privage events run for a specific client.


Include a choice of sessions as part of the main event and allow registratns to select the ones they would like to attend.

Options and tickets

Include additional event options such as tickets, dinner, and accommodation.


Manage tasks associated with an event such as booking a venue and confirming attendee numbers before the start.

Scheduled reports

Schedule reports such as event attendee reports to be automatically sent to presenters before the event starts.

Catering and room setup

Record catering and room setup requirements and capture special dietary needs.

Presenter and venue management

Manage your presenters' website profiles, contact details, and calendar of activities. Store all venue information, including room details and booking contacts.

Printable certificates

Create and send printable certificates for event attendance and completion.

Name labels

Easily create and print name label badges for registratns.


Save all related event documents with the event; online and easily accessible.

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